Melbourne Curiosity Journey Summary

4 weeks of non-stop unplanned Curiosity Walks around Melbourne are done. I went to many beautiful places and had lots of amazing conversations. You really can go on a fantastic holiday in your own town. Somehow the world feels like a giant lego set with 7 billion pieces in it, waiting to connect. I got some awesome ideas for new projects and can’t wait to make them reality. Thank you for all of your support and company.

Have a magnificent day and follow your curiosity. See you soon.


Here are some statistics of my Curiosity Journey:

  • Suburbs visited: 50+
  • Distance walked: 355.9 km
  • Distance cycled: 45.2 km
  • Distance swam: 29 km
  • Distance traveled on public transport: 1072 km
  • Distance travelled by car: 105.9 km
  • Total distance traveled: 1608 km
  • People I had conversations with: 277
  • People who smiled at me: ~300
  • Bee stings: 2

Also here are the routes I traveled:

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Curiosity Journey Week 4: -37.977663, 145.067566

Curiosity Journey Day 28

Today’s Curiosity Walk starts with me bumping into Joseph at Doomsday Coffee. It’s Joseph is from Sheffield and it’s his first day in Australia. We get along very well and I ask him, if he like to come with me on a Curiosity Walk. He is excited. We get to the station and I ask him for a number between 1 and 4. He picks 3 and we go to platform 3 and take the train to Sunbury. We are deep in conversation about seeing the world from different perspectives as all the sudden Conny who sitting next to us joins in. Conny tells us how kinesiology changed her perspective on a lot of things. She suggest getting off at Watergardens. We discover a huge Macedonian Orthodox Church, but the priest doesn’t want us to have a look inside right now and tells us to come back tomorrow. We find a second church but it has a locked fence around, so we also can’t have a look inside either. We take the train to Sunbury for some lunch and then one stop back to Diggers Rest. We try to walk back to Watergardens but the way there is block by lots of beautiful thistles, so we track back to the station.

Curiosity Journey Day 27

Another day of rain. I go for a swim in the rain which is pretty awesome. Then I walk to the city and take some photos in the Carlton Gardens. I feel in the moment and get some great shots. I take the train from Melbourne Central to Lilydale and hop off at Glenferrie. There a lots of fancy houses with beautiful front yards. Alex texts and asks me, if I like to join him in the city for dinner and I take the tram back.

Curiosity Journey Day 26

Yesterday it was 35°C. Today it’s 15°C. It has been raining all day. Finally, at 5 pm it stops and I hop on the train to explore a bit. I get off at Kensington. It’s seems like a very quiet and peaceful suburb. I bump into Greg who grew up around Kensington. He tells me that this all used to be stockyards where cattle was sold. Some of the fences around are still from the stockyards. He points out that there is a new track left passed the pedestrian bridge to Footscray. I follow the track and find myself in a wetlands area with lots of birds and beautiful flowers. I make my way up to Footscray and land in front the house of my friend Geir. He is home and cooks me a delicious dinner. After dinner I get to enjoy the view of Melbourne’s magnificent night skyline. 

Curiosity Journey Day 25

It’s 35°C in Melbourne. In the morning Sally is texting me, if I will be coming with her for a walk in the forest. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler there. She is picking me up at 2:30 and in the car is Olmide. We drive to the Dandenongs to place called Olinda Falls. We are passing some amazing ferns on the way. Then we reach the falls and have a dip. It’s nice and refreshing. We continue exploring and have a little race through the bush. We find this amazing tree that has fallen done and climb on it. It’s so great to escape the city for a bit.