Curiosity Journey Day 12

Belgrave has come up in conversations a few times over the last few weeks. I feel like I had to go there. The train only takes me to Ringwood. From there on a bus drives me to Belgrave. The bus is packed. A whole school class is on board. I’m cramped in this bus full of people and I don’t really know where I’m going. I start questioning myself. Why am I doing this curiosity journey? I know that I really like it and want to do more of it, maybe through Victoria, maybe though Australia, maybe through the whole world. Mastaneh told me yesterday that she really likes Life on Mars, so I put on a David Bowie playlist.

As the bus pulls into Belgrave Station, these two lines pop into my head:

Only if we can see the world in different ways, we can see how it really is.

Only if we can see ourselves in different ways, we can see who we really are.

I walk passed all these beautiful murals. Then Freddie Mercury starts playing with Under Pressure. The two lines I thought of before, start making perfect sense and start resonating with the song. I’m overwhelmed by my emotions and I find a log to sit on stare into forrest. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful. I have never felt something like this before. It feels like I finally let go of my soul and let it tell me what it wanted to tell me for such a long time. I knew for a while that I want to gain more perspective and inspire others to gain more perspective and now I know why. I feel free and on track at the same time. It’s a wonderful feeling. I need continue travelling and exchange views with others.

I start walking along the train line passed all these beautiful gardens. I feel at peace with myself. There are so many magnificent views and little things to be discovered on the way. I reach Upper Ferntree Gully. Something pulls me into a side street and I find myself in front of the 1812 Theatre. I walk in and find Malcolm who is in the foyer rehearsing for the Vicar of Dibley play that is starting next week. He tells me to have a look in the actual theatre. In there I find Loretta and Louise and  have a beautiful chat. I start to make my way home. I walk by a newsagent with these amazing hand painted greeting cards in the window. In there is Jimmy. He tells me that his wife makes the cards. I buy two of them, one with dandelions and one with a butterfly. Back in Fitzroy I catch up with my friend Tim for a Laksa and I tell about my amazing discoveries.

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