Curiosity Journey Day 28

Today’s Curiosity Walk starts with me bumping into Joseph at Doomsday Coffee. It’s Joseph is from Sheffield and it’s his first day in Australia. We get along very well and I ask him, if he like to come with me on a Curiosity Walk. He is excited. We get to the station and I ask him for a number between 1 and 4. He picks 3 and we go to platform 3 and take the train to Sunbury. We are deep in conversation about seeing the world from different perspectives as all the sudden Conny who sitting next to us joins in. Conny tells us how kinesiology changed her perspective on a lot of things. She suggest getting off at Watergardens. We discover a huge Macedonian Orthodox Church, but the priest doesn’t want us to have a look inside right now and tells us to come back tomorrow. We find a second church but it has a locked fence around, so we also can’t have a look inside either. We take the train to Sunbury for some lunch and then one stop back to Diggers Rest. We try to walk back to Watergardens but the way there is block by lots of beautiful thistles, so we track back to the station.

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