Curiosity Journey Day 24

No Curiosity Walk today, but a Curiosity Play. Once a month I run a kindergarten for adults, called Lifegarten. We had a picnic in the Edinburgh Gardens and had lots of fun in the drawing, colouring, joggling and playing badminton and croquet.

Curiosity Journey Day 23

It’s a marvellous day, perfect to take some nice shots of Melbourne. I’m having breakfast with Tim on Swanston St before I walk down Degraves Lane and onto Flinders St. I cross the Yarra River and then back again. There is a rowing competition going on. I sit down watch the rowing taking part in front of me. A man sits next to me and we start chatting. His name is Robert. He is an electronics engineer from Malaysia who just moved to Melbourne. We have an chat awesome chat quickly gets deep when we start talking about life philosophies. I love that I live in such an open city that I can these amazing conversations with complete strangers.

Curiosity Journey Day 22

I have been walking for 3 weeks straight so I decide to have a rest day and just have a little stroll through Collingwood. I don’t bring me phone. It’s nice to explore without being connected. I have a great chat with Cailan at the Happy Valley bookstore and have a bagel in a Collingwood back street. I brought my bathers with me though, so I stop by at Fitzroy Pool for a quick dip.

Curiosity Journey Day 21

It’s hot in Melbourne. It’s the first day since March that it is over 30°C. I take the Frankston line to Aspendale. I really feel like a tourist with my camera. Who brings a camera to the beach? I see an ice cream van and Chris makes me a sherbet cone. It’s awesome to swim in the ocean. So nice and refreshing. I stroll over to Chelsea to catch the train to Frankston and then another train to Stony point. There is not much on in Stony Point besides a kiosk and a pier. I take the train one stop to Crib Point. I have a delicious surf and turf for dinner at Matt’s bar and bistro and just make it back on the last train to Melbourne.

Curiosity Journey Day 20

I’m on the Hurstbridge train but for some reason it terminates in Eltham. Well, I will just go for an explore there. I walk along the shops and settle at the Corner Cafe. Tom and Doris are making me a delicious lunch. Tom is from the UK but has been in Melbourne for 6 years. Doris doesn’t want me to take a picture of her and so she only shows her hand. They tell me to have a look at the old trestle bridge and Montsalvat, an artist colony build in the 1930s. I walk down to the river take a few pictures of the bridge and make my way up to Montsalvat. The road towards there is lined with beautiful flowers and a dead lizard. Montsalvat has some magnificent views and all these amazing house where the artists live in. It’s a very inspiring place. On my way back to the station I run into this folk of cockatoos hanging out at the park. I still have a bit of time before my improv class starts, so I check out Hurstbridge for little.