Curiosity Journey Day 20

I’m on the Hurstbridge train but for some reason it terminates in Eltham. Well, I will just go for an explore there. I walk along the shops and settle at the Corner Cafe. Tom and Doris are making me a delicious lunch. Tom is from the UK but has been in Melbourne for 6 years. Doris doesn’t want me to take a picture of her and so she only shows her hand. They tell me to have a look at the old trestle bridge and Montsalvat, an artist colony build in the 1930s. I walk down to the river take a few pictures of the bridge and make my way up to Montsalvat. The road towards there is lined with beautiful flowers and a dead lizard. Montsalvat has some magnificent views and all these amazing house where the artists live in. It’s a very inspiring place. On my way back to the station I run into this folk of cockatoos hanging out at the park. I still have a bit of time before my improv class starts, so I check out Hurstbridge for little.

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