Curiosity Journey Day 11

Today’s Curiosity Walk starts at Tim’s warehouse. Jules is over to have a chat with Tim about making handles the blades he forged. Jules’ parrot Birdy is there too. I’m traveling up the Upfield Line. I’m getting off at the last stop and walk through Coolaroo. I find myself in a big industrial area with lots of recycling places dumps for broken cars and concrete mixers. There is a lot of rubbish, but in between there are all these little pockets of green. There are lots of planes flying across and its not surprising that Australian movie “The Castle” was set in Coolaroo. I arrive at a residential area and enter a milk bar and buy an ice cream from Matt. Back at Upfield station I meet Nebahand a jewellery maker and choreographer. I hop off at Jewell station in Brunswick, meet my friends Sarah and Trevor and go to the Moth story telling. I actually get to tell my curiosity walk story and make a lot of people smile.

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