Curiosity Journey Day 18

Today I’m going to Alamein. It looks interesting because it has it’s own trainline fork. As I leave the station there is this track starting in front of me and follow it. The track leads me to a creek and and golf course. I walk through east Malvern and Carnegie and get to Murumbeena station. I’m quite hungry and decide to jump on the next train to see where it will take me. It’s the train to Pakenham and it’s full of commuters on their way home. I try to smile at people on the train but no one smile back. When I arrive in Pakenham, it feels like I’m the only person the train. It’s 6:30 and Pakenham is dead. I ask a lady if there are some places to get food. She points me to the highway. After 30 min of walking I reach the highway and there are only fast food franchises. I turn around and walk back to the station to have a meal at the local pub. As I arrive home I get a chance to take a shot of the supermoon.

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