Curiosity Walk Day 4

My Curiosity Walk began while I was swimming at Fitzroy Pool. My friend Alex texted me to come over and have a look at his new place in Clifton Hill. He told me he was going to the shops and to come over in 30 min. I went to Smith St to have a sandwich and I got another text from Alex: “Look into the window!” There he was standing right next to me at the shop register. He drove me to his new place and showed me his beautiful backyard. Alex lives close to a shot tower. It’s a tower where they use dispensed drops of molten lead from the top. While the droplets were falling they formed perfect spheres to be used as bullets. On the premise of the shot tower there is now a linen import business. We asked them if we could have a look inside the shot tower and were told that I hadn’t been opened in decades and the stairs were rotted away. So we continued exploring and found a hidden playground. We sat on the swings. Something I hadn’t done in ages. We went on through the Clifton Hill, passed lots of blooming roses and had a pub meal before I made my way back to Fitzroy. There were lots of people on the streets dressed up in amazing Halloween costumes.

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