Curiosity Journey Day 3

I was a bit short on time today because I had to be home for dinner. So I decided to limit travel time to 30 min. I went down to the station and took the first train. It was going to South Morang. After 30 min I got off at Bell Station in Preston. I wondered around High st and kept asking people if they new about any interesting sites around Preston. Nobody seemed to know any interesting places. I finally bumped into Nathan who turned out to be a street photographer. He told me about the food trucks and Preston Trailer Park and some laneways with murals in them. I had a beer at the Trailer Park and went look for the laneways. I eventually found them. In one of them all the sudden a butterfly landed right next to me so I could take some lovely pictures. I also discovered some wise words written on the local supermarket before I went back to Fitzroy.

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