Curiosity Journey Day 5

The Melbourne Cup is on, the race that stops the nation. Up to until a few years ago there was always another race on Cup Day, the Eastment St Billy Cart Derby in Northcote. It was a fantastic community event where brave dare devils would ride Billy Carts down Eastment St. Unfortunately, it got too big and was cancelled a few years ago. This year it was going to be replaced by the Eastment St Junkfest. I had to check it out. It was a beautiful atmosphere. A lot of the residents had little garage sales, there was a stand where you could get bad haircuts, bands were playing and you could join in with group karaoke. Every once in a while a little shower went down and people huddled together under umbrellas. It was a great feeling of community. I bumped into lots of friends. One of them was Jeremi. Jeremi had just moved to Northcote a week ago, so we went on a little tour of the Northcote hinterland.  I discovered a new look out from where you had a great view of the surrounding suburbs. I walked home as the sun was going down. I took some nice pictures of lots of spring flowers in the evening light and even saw a rainbow when I arrived back in Collingwood.

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