Melbourne Curiosity Journey Summary

4 weeks of non-stop unplanned Curiosity Walks around Melbourne are done. I went to many beautiful places and had lots of amazing conversations. You really can go on a fantastic holiday in your own town. Somehow the world feels like a giant lego set with 7 billion pieces in it, waiting to connect. I got some awesome ideas for new projects and can’t wait to make them reality. Thank you for all of your support and company.

Have a magnificent day and follow your curiosity. See you soon.


Here are some statistics of my Curiosity Journey:

  • Suburbs visited: 50+
  • Distance walked: 355.9 km
  • Distance cycled: 45.2 km
  • Distance swam: 29 km
  • Distance traveled on public transport: 1072 km
  • Distance travelled by car: 105.9 km
  • Total distance traveled: 1608 km
  • People I had conversations with: 277
  • People who smiled at me: ~300
  • Bee stings: 2

Also here are the routes I traveled:

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Curiosity Journey Week 4: -37.977663, 145.067566

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