Curiosity Journey Day 26

Yesterday it was 35°C. Today it’s 15°C. It has been raining all day. Finally, at 5 pm it stops and I hop on the train to explore a bit. I get off at Kensington. It’s seems like a very quiet and peaceful suburb. I bump into Greg who grew up around Kensington. He tells me that this all used to be stockyards where cattle was sold. Some of the fences around are still from the stockyards. He points out that there is a new track left passed the pedestrian bridge to Footscray. I follow the track and find myself in a wetlands area with lots of birds and beautiful flowers. I make my way up to Footscray and land in front the house of my friend Geir. He is home and cooks me a delicious dinner. After dinner I get to enjoy the view of Melbourne’s magnificent night skyline. 

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