Curiosity Journey Day 14

In the morning I have a movement session with Mastaneh. She teaches the Alexander technique, a way to explore the movements of your body based on geometry. It’s super interesting and a whole new experience. I walk back through Fitzroy North and come by this Jewellery shop called lovehate. What an interesting name. I go in and talk to the lady inside. Her name is Janine and we have a great chat about living in Melbourne and spending time in other countries. She tells me I should go out to Sunshine. So I do and take the train. On the train I meet Peggy who works for the police and is on her way home. We talk about openness and the beauty of have different perspectives to see the world. We are so deep in Conversation that I miss the Sunshine stop and get off at Albion. I walk my way back through Sunshine. There are not many people on the streets and I soon get to nature reserve on the way to Tottenham. Then Tim calls and I take the train back from Tottenham.

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