Curiosity Journey Day 1

Day 1 of my Curiosity Journey started off with me bumping into my former boss on his way to work. I walked Parliament station and took the first train that arrived. It was bound to Dandenong. I got off a Hughsdale station and the ladies at the local bakery told me to check out Oakley’s historic cemetery. So I did and also discovered all this awesome 80s street art at Oakley station. I continued to Lynbrook.  I met a boilermaker called Dreads who was fishing in Lynbrook park and he talked about the botanical garden in Cranbourne. On the train there I had a fantastic chat about the generation gap with Marie-Claire, a 72 year old philosopher and fashion lover from Mauritius. In Cranbourne I just had a Big Kahuna burger from Adam’s Big Boy Burgers for lunch, possibly the biggest burger I have ever eaten. I bashed myself through Cranbourne till I finally made it to the botanical gardens where they had this surreal red earth display that almost looked like form a different planet. After fighting with some bull ants, I walked to Cranbourne took the train back to Melbourne.


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