Curiosity Journey Day 7

The Day 7 Curiosity Walk begins in the city. I’m having coffee at Brother Baba Budan. My friend Roisin works there. I hadn’t seen her in while. It’s so great to catch up. I’m a bit planless as I step into Melbourne Central Station. I decide to go on the train to Glen Waverley and ride til the last station. As I leave the station, I find myself next to a giant shopping centre. I walk around it and get to a little park. In the park there is a guy sitting on a bench. His name is Malcom and he is a school chess teacher. We have a great chat and work out that we have a common friend I used to do improv with. Malcom points me the way to some houses with nice gardens where I could take pictures. So I start walking through this housing estate with these large houses with beautiful flowers in their front yards. The streets have names like Diamond Avenue or Golden Grove. Eventually I reach a service station and have an ice cream. It’s getting warm. I ask Emma the lady behind the counter where there are interesting places to take pictures and she points me to Jelis Park. On my way there a side street catches my attention and I start following it. It leads me to this hidden nature reserve with lots of overgrowth and tiny path going through it. It’s very peaceful. On the other side of it I find the path to Jelis Park. I see a family of Pukekos crossing the street. Jelis Park has a lake in in middle with a island full of Ibises and other birds. I keep watching them as the sun goes down. Then I catch the bus back to the station. I ask a woman next to me, if there are any places to get food around here. She to come with her and she will show me. We start chatting and I tell that I’m originally from Germany. “Germany. Me too.”, I hear all the sudden from behind me. It’s Karolina who came to Australia 3 years ago. We go and have dinner a Chinese dumpling place next to the station. It’s awesome to have a chat in German again. At 8 I make it to the train home.

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