Curiosity Journey Day 16

Today I am trying out the Hurstbridge train line. I hop off at Macleod station. I had never heard of this suburb before. There’s a line of shops close to the station. I walk into the fish and chips shop and order an Minimum chips, an Australian delicacy. The man in the shop couldn’t tell, if there are any interesting things in Macleod. At a playground across the street I meet Carl, an Irish immigrant who has been in Melbourne for 5 years. He is super friendly and tells me about the nature reserve where I can see kangaroos. I walk off towards the reserve and pass some beautiful front yards with lots of birds in them. Inside the reserve it feels very quiet and peaceful. I think I’m the only person in there. Then all the sudden I see a roo standing right in front staring at me. I think this is actually the first time I have seen a kangaroo in Melbourne out of the zoo.

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