Curiosity Journey Day 17

I’m at Abbotsford Convent today before my friend Sarah has invited to a non-violent communication workshop. I decide to go for a little explore around the convent. Behind the convent there is a beehive. I meet Bernie who is a beekeeper volunteering at the hive. He tells me just to come in if want to take some photos. I hesitate a little but go in anyway. Before I know it, I have two bees sitting in my hair. They must like the smell of my shampoo. I freak out a bit and they sting me in the head 🙁 I haven’t had a bee stung since I was a kid. I hurts a lot less than what I remember. Note to self: Put on protective gear when entering a beehive. So I put on some proper bee protection gear and take some proper photos. After I walk along the Yarra River and get to a very beautiful spot. In that spot, there is Ali from Afghanistan sitting. We talk about travel and that he has been to Germany before. He has one of the most incredibly smiles I have seen. He just seems so calm and happy and really inspirational. I go up to the convent to eat a piece of cake to distract me from the bee stings. Then I realise that the non-violent communication workshop is actually in Thornbury and not Abbotsford. So I jump on my bike and race up.

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