Lastest Adventures

Lentil as Anything

Yesterday¬†was the 1st day in the second third of century that I’m around. In the arvo I went to Lentil as Anything at the Abbotsford Convent to attend the volunteer induction. Lentil as Anything is restaurant where you pay as you feel after your meal. I had been coming here for 10 years. I always thought it would be great to volunteer there but never did before. Felix ran the volunteer induction. He explained that lentils is a non-judgmental community where everyone is welcome. It’s such a nice environment and I instantly felt home. I was working in the kitchen and was chopping up about 20 kilos carrots and zucchinis. Then I met Hugo and had an amazing chat about lentils, communities, fundraising, openness and the restrictions we put on ourselves. It was one of these interactions where you are just in the moment and everything around you seems to stand still, beautiful and very inspiring.

170118 - 001

Start in the new Year

Happy New Year. It’s already 11 days old. The first days of 2017 have been very inspiring. I read Siddartha by Hermann Hesse and started preparing for some amazing projects on the horizon. Yesterday I went on my first deliberate Curiosity Walk through Collingwood. Here are some impressions. I hope you have had a fantastic start into the new year. Never stop being present and curious. There is so much out there waiting to be discovered. See you soon.


Folk, Rhythm and Life

My last curiosity exploration led me to the Folk, Rhythm and Life music festival in Eldorado which is close to Wangaratta. Tim and I ran a Lifegarten workshop, I bumped into lots of old friends and many new ones, jumped into a quarry and listened to so much excellent music in this magical environment. Here are some impressions.

Walks through Fitzroy

I have been mainly staying in Fitzroy over the last few days. Here are some shots of my neighbourhood.